About Us

African Eco provide Hard Landscaping Solutions to the Horticulture Industry

Environmental Impact

Environmental considerations are important to us, as is our ongoing programme of research and development which is continually striving to develop a product range that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

African Eco is committed to the continuous exploration and development of procedures, systems and working practices that reduce the pollution and impact generated during the normal course of our business while ensuring our products remain of the highest quality.

Recognising and understanding this process means that we can reduce, offset, mitigate or eliminate our carbon use where possible and practical, allowing us to set clear objectives which we can monitor, manage and improve. African Eco fully supports the principles of, and is committed to the sustainable use of global resources including the reduction of pollution and waste.

Why should I use a BBA approved resin bound system?

British Agrement Certificates provide reassurance to users, designers, insurers and regulators and are recognised throughout the UK by architects, engineers and building control personnel as a mark of quality, safety and reliability. The BBA’s impartial information compliments Addagrip’s own technical data on the performance of the products certified.


Landscaping schemes
Heritage sites
Car parks
Housing developments
Office developments
Pedestrian precincts
Educational facilities
Retail units

Demo of water permeating through the layers of paving

SUDS Porous/ Semi Porous
Anti Slip
UV Stable
Low Maintenance
BBA Certified Product
Wheelchair Friendly